January 23 2012

I can hear you, mouthbreather.


No matter what you think, everyone can hear you tapping…tapping…tapping on your desk with that fucking pen. Someone’s going to crack, just you wait.

Via Payne, Bickers & Nogood Ltd.

August 31 2009

Early tomorrow morning with be the ninth time in as many weeks that I’ve faithfully published a new segment on The Miracle in July, my guerrilla publishing experiment. I’m busting my emotional…

August 08 2009
July 26 2009
July 25 2009
July 24 2009
July 19 2009

Tomorrow will be the third week since I unleashed The Miracle in July into the wild, and the overwhelmingly positive response continues to thrill me. Tweets, emails and personal conversations…

July 02 2009

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June 29 2009

Lately, certain things in my life have been left to their own devices or forgotten outright. Such things include regular household cleaning, renewing the license tags on my car, and tending to my…

June 18 2009

Ah, the social Web. That transparent, mystical place were friends and lovers come together and break apart, where digital footprints are forever (thanks to the Way Back Machine and Google’s…

June 16 2009
My. Oh. My. Jarle Bernhoft is a talented vocalist from Oslo, Norway with a swinging funkalicious 2008 debut album called Ceramik City Chronicles which, as far as I can tell, is unavailable for…
June 03 2009

In honor of Ms. Erin Patton’s 11th year on this planet, I am re-posting this from another place I used to blog (somewhere that rhymes with ByPlace) because said Ms. Erin modeled for me in the feature…

May 31 2009
The film Flame & Citron (Flammen og Citronen) is the based on the true story of two Danish resistance fighters who liquidate Nazi informers during World War II. The ever-amazing Mads Mikkelsen…
May 22 2009

Röyksopp ft Robyn - The Girl & The Robot [HQ Video]

Wanna know when you’re coming home. I go mental every time you leave for work You never seem to know when to stop I never know when you’ll return I’m in love with a robot In the…

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